About us

Verbava is a young dynamic company which has already become an important player in the field of wood chip production in the region of Central Europe within several years since its foundation.


  • creation of the idea to invest in biomass production


  • preparation of the project
  • auction of forest nurseries after the dissolution of the company CE Wood
  • purchase of first land plots for plantations
  • preparation of planting 2011


  • planting of the first 75 ha in the Czech Republic
  • branch openings in Slovakia and Ukraine
  • acquisition of land in the countries of operations
  • preparation of planting 2012


  • planting of 130 ha in the Czech Republic
  • branch opening in Poland
  • acquisition of land in the countries of activity
  • preparation of planting 2013


  • planting of 650 ha of plantations in all countries of operations


Verbava as parent company manages and controls Wood Capital (cultivation of woody plants) and Biomass Trading (trading with biomass) and has branches in Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. Our subsidiary Suhox deals with acquisitions of land in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland and Ukraine. 

Our immediate objective is to strengthen our position and become one of the most important suppliers of wood chips from short rotation plantations in the countries of our operations by cooperating with investors and land owners. Our long-term goal is not only the appreciation of our investments in renewable resources, but also sustainable development and responsible approach to the utilization of resources and new technologies.

The foundations for the use of energy tree species as a renewable energy source were laid in the USA in the 1980s of the 20th century. In particular, the so-called Japanese poplar which is ideal for the temperate zone started being used. Energy tree species are characterized by high yield of the above-ground biomass and high calorific value. Soon local investors recognized the huge potential of new, unconventional types of entrepreneurship.

The area of energy forest plantations in the Czech Republic is very small as compared to Northern Europe, for example. However, the use of this renewable energy source has successfully gained momentum and a boom may be expected in the near future.

We are convinced that the promotion of sustainable development is the right thing to do and at the same time provides large space for new business activities. Wherever there is going to be an investment opportunity in the future, we will be there as well.

Verbava. We plan the future responsibly.