Our services

TopolThe company Verbava provides comprehensive services in the wood chip production sector, from the assessment of land suitability through plantation establishment to the purchase of biomass.


We conduct a detailed analysis of the natural conditions at the specific site, describing its soil conditions in detail. The output is a recommendation, or discouragement, to establish a plantation on the particular site, including plantation design

Anti-erosion measures

In the case of sites endangered by erosion, we propose a comprehensive complex of anti-erosion measures.

Handling of applications for the permission to establish plantations

We prepare all the necessary applications for obtaining authorizations necessary for establishing a plantation.

Planting project

We prepare a planting project for a particular site which will serve as an assignment for the implementing company.

Consultation in the field of legislation

We provide consultancy services in the field of legislation relating to the establishment and operation of a short rotation plantation.

Planting of the plantation

Based on the planting project, we implement all the preparatory work and the planting of the plantation. We carry out everything with our own machinery and supply high quality planting material of guaranteed quality from our nurseries.

Plantation maintenance

Throughout the life of the plantations, we provide the necessary maintenance with the aim of achieving the desired revenues.

Plantation harvesting

We ensure harvesting by means of powerful machinery and all the logistics associated with harvesting.

Wood chip trading

We buy wood chips on favourable terms directly on the plantation, and ensure their transport to end customers.

We implement plantation establishment projects and the cultivation of energy wooden plants in cooperation with investors and land owners practically on a "turn-key" basis. We perform a detailed investigation of the selected property which takes into account all aspects of future plantation operations (soil quality, moisture characteristics, transportation infrastructure...). Then we design the entire project and ensure its approval by the competent authorities. We supply planting material of a fast-growing poplar hybrid which is easy to grow, resistant to diseases and pests, and ensures high yields of biomass for planting from our own nursery. We assist in running and maintaining the plantation with the aim to minimize operating and production costs and achieve the highest yield. After harvesting, we ensure the purchase of the material and its transport from the plantation directly to customers, mainly power plants and heat generating plants.

The use of energy from biomass is environmentally very beneficial and the trend of using renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels has been intensifying in recent years. The production of biomass is getting more and more into the foreground interest of investors and growers in the Czech Republic and the sector of energy forest plantations is growing.

Investments in new "green" technologies bringing new unconventional investment opportunities is a step in the right direction. Our expertise, experience and production-specific technical background provide our partners, particularly land owners, with a distinct competitive advantage.

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