Rychle rostoucí dřevinyWe believe that entrepreneurship, sustainable development and environmental responsibility can be combined successfully. The company Verbava is the leading supplier of wood chips from energy forest plantations in Central Europe. We currently provide comprehensive services in the field of wood biomass production, from project financing through the establishment of plantations to purchase of material:

  • acquisition of suitable land by purchase or lease
  • securing of entire project financing
  • consultation in the field of legislation
  • preparation of the planting project
  • planting and maintenance of plantations
  • ensuring of harvesting
  • purchase of wood chips and their transport to end customers

Furthermore, we focus on the solicitation of investors who are interested in investing in an attractive and very promising area of renewable resources. We also cooperate with land owners who have an interest in increasing their investment assets. We are currently looking for land for sale or for long-term lease, we will also buy suitable farms.

With an area of our own plantations – a total of over 750 ha - experience, know-how and a material and production base, we are one of the leading companies in the field of cultivation of energy tree species in this region.

We implement our objectives through our subsidiaries:

Wood Capital – production of planting material, growing of fast-growing wood species
Biomass Trading
– biomass business
– purchase and ownership of land, trading with agricultural and forest land


To use renewable energy sources to a maximum extent is a priority in the energy strategy throughout the civilized world. Sustainable development, that is also our common goal, our vision.

Verbava. Together, we grow faster.